How can you improve your donor communications, engage your donors and raise more money?

Maybe you’re like many small and mid-sized nonprofit leaders today…

  • You don’t have enough hours in the day. You wear multiple hats and there are a million tasks competing for your attention.

  • You can’t hire for every skill. Effective fundraising communications require special expertise. Maybe nobody on your team has the training, so your appeals and newsletters don’t work as well as they could.

  • You’ve lost the ability to see your mission through your donors’ eyes. You’re so close to your work that you find it hard to explain what you do in a clear and compelling way. And you wish your donors would just ‘get it’ the way you do.

  • You know you need to communicate more often with your donors. And you know your donor stewardship can be — and needs to be — better.

What if you could hand off your appeal letters, emails, newsletters and analysis to a team of professional fundraisers who will work closely with your in-house team?

What if, for less than the price of an employee, you could add proven expertise to your team that would improve your stewardship efforts?

Imagine what it could look like:

…your staff could have more time to deliver on your mission and make the world a better place.

…you would have the confidence of knowing your fundraising communications — and your donors — are in good hands.

…your fundraising materials would be professional, delight your donors, raise more money and build long-term donor value.

your donors would increase their commitment, getting regular updates on how their heroic donations are making a difference and being asked to rise to the challenge of doing more good.

You know the consequences of not engaging and delighting your donors regularly…

You know that sloppy, generic or irregular communications hurts your mission. It’s clear that if you don’t improve the way you talk to your donors

  • You won’t raise as much as you could and you’ll leave money on the table.

  • You will lose donors you worked so hard to attract, and gaining them back seems impossible.

  • Donors will not increasing their giving, let alone become regular or monthly donors.

  • Not enough donors will upgrade to Mid or Major Donors, and not enough people will include you in their planned giving.

Let us do the work for you.

Our expertise is helping organizations just like yours create donor-delighting, intriguing and professional fundraising communications.

We’ll work closely with your in-house team to write and design all your direct mail, newsletters and e-appeals.

The result?

Your donors will be more engaged. Their commitment to your organization will increase. Your retention rate will go up, raising more money in the long term.

And you will have more time for you and your staff to make the world a better place.

how it works

  • Together we’ll create an annual fundraising communications plan.

  • Every month we will run a Skype/Zoom meeting to discuss each upcoming appeal or newsletter, and analyze your fundraising results.

  • For each appeal and newsletter we will outline the strategy, define exactly what will be said and figure out who will receive it.

  • We’ll write and design the letter, newsletter and email.

  • We’ll work with you to calculate gift ask amounts and segment the mailing list.

  • We’ll send you high-resolution files set up to go the printer.

What you’ll do

While we will do most of the work, there are some things only you can do. You’ll want to:

  • Track results on a spreadsheet we provide

  • Pull the mailing lists

  • Provide all pictures

  • Gather stories for newsletters and appeals

  • Work with a mailhouse of your choice for the actual print and delivery

  • Thank each donor profusely — and from the heart — for each donation

..and that’s it!

the cost

Starting at $2,500 per month, here is what you will receive every year:

  • 5 appeal letters

  • Email version of each appeal

  • Thank you letter for each appeal

  • 4 newsletters

  • Email version of each newsletter

  • Cover letter for each newsletter

  • Thank you letter for each newsletter

  • Result analysis

  • Proven expertise just a phone call away

Ready to get started?

Not sure yet? Contact us for more information. We’d love to chat.