You’re focused on your mission. You’re busy. But raising money is challenging. And you’re not sure you have the expertise, or time, to take your fundraising to another level.


We come alongside your in-house team to create emotionally compelling fundraising communications that delight your donors and raise more money.

That way you’ll spend less time worrying about your donor communications and more time changing the world.

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Create a message that moves people to action.

Nothing happens until your donor feels something. We create direct response materials and campaigns that go straight for the heart.

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Inspire your donors' heroic hearts to do good.

Donors don't care about you — they care about what they can do through you. We position your donor as the hero and invite them into a story where they can change the world.

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Retain more donors and increase their commitment.

By taking your donors on a journey, creating value for them and making giving feel good, we help you build a community of support that will stay with you for a long time.


You’re in good company


Hello, I'm Mike.

I get it: raising money is hard. You spend more time putting out fires than stewarding your amazing donors. You can’t hire for every skill, and you’re so close to your work that it can be hard to clearly communicate it to your donors.

I've been there — working for both large and small start-up nonprofits.

No matter the budget, the challenges are the same. How can you make someone feel the passion you have for your cause? How can you attract and retain donors? My mission is to help you raise more money so you can do more good — and teach your organization how to improve your fundraising.




"Mike is able to understand and interpret any matters we want to clearly communicate to our donors. I most appreciate his ability to listen and craft key messaging that gets results for us. I recommend him to anyone who needs a strong fundraiser."

Jim Bell
Siloam Mission


"No matter what I submit to Mike, he understands what I was trying to say and helps me say it better. I recommend him to anyone who wants to be able to clearly communicate who they truly are as an organization and how others can join them."

Lindsay Smith
Director of Philanthropy
iDE Canada


 "Mike understands how vision, strategy and goals fit together — and he delivers outcomes that are beyond what you hope for. He’s a great asset to have. I recommend Mike to any organization that, beyond great marketing, values innovation for their donors."

Floyd Perras
Executive Director
4 Wing Military Resource Centre

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